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Unless you are in some really good luck or are very observant, you are cheated every time you drive into a pump in Bangalore to fill up your vehicle. I had noticed this earlier on my previous visits to Bangalore, but it seems to have become very rampant in recent times. I hope this article helps you guys out there to be aware of the fraud that happens and save your hard earned money from being looted shamelessly.

Have you ever gone to a petrol pump in Bangalore and you are given petrol in two stages?  When you ask for Rs. 1000 of petrol, the pump attendant fills up for Rs. 200 and stops. Then gives you a convenient excuse that he did not hear you or did not pay attention and continues to fill up for the remaining Rs. 800?

If this has happened to you, you have been most certainly cheated by the pump attendant. How?

Modus Operandi (How?)

When the attendent stops at Rs. 200, you have received Rs. 200 of fuel in your tank. Then he continues to pour fuel up to Rs. 800  and tells you that 200+800=1000, you have actually received only another Rs. 600 of fuel as the meter had not been reset after the first stage of filling up. In the process, you have lost Rs. 200 worth of petrol and since we never ask for the bill, the pump attendant has pocketed your hard earned money.

I have personally noticed that this scam goes on very commonly in Bangalore and the attendants cleverly divert your attention by asking casual questions like “cash or card payment sir?” or even to the extent that “Sir, your money/purse/mobile has fallen down” or such diversion tactics while the person filling up your tank does his thing.

How to protect yourself?

  • Be vigilant and keep your eyes on the meter. Dead spot on the meter.
  • Always ask for the computerized bill which comes out of the fuel pump.
  • Pay only after you are fueled up, refuse to pay upfront to the attendant, this might be slower, but more foolproof.
  • If you are not from Bangalore or have a outstation vehicle, learning some basic Kannada for “fill up for Rs. X”, “fill it fast”,  “I need bill” or related sentences which might help you pass off as a local person.
  • Don’t be shy – If you notice that you are being cheated -  question, shout, get angry and threaten to bring the police,  ask for pump owner, convey to the other customers around in the pump that fraud is happening in this pump and ask them to fill up somewhere else. It is your money!

Create awareness

Please share this article on facebook, twitter, orkut or any online network you are active in, tell your network, email your friends and lets stop this bloody daylight robbery that is happening on a daily basis on almost every pump in the city. Do let me know if you have thoughts on this fraud in Bangalore in the comments below.

Act now to stop this bloody daylight robbery.

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  1. Aaargh! The usual thing. I have been warned and have known this for long.
    In spite of this, happened recently to me. The usual, ‘Sir, bill beka”.. or some such question.

    Do not move your eyes from the dispenser’s digits come what may. And make sure you pay only after the filling is through.

  2. A friend

    This is exactly why I always go to a Shell bunk. The service is excellent although you are one among their thousands of customers. Also, they give you the bill even without asking. There is no culture of tipping. Most of all – no cheating. As a bonus, the fuel costs a little less, these days, when compared to HP or BP.

  3. Hello,
    Thanks for the article.
    It happens here in Chennai too.

  4. Arjun BV

    Do you think Bangaloreans are dumb. Can’t notice this or do not know simple maths. Or its just a creepy way to publish an article and get traffic.

    Friend, pls be serious and come up with some great content unlike this shits

  5. renjith

    This happened to me yesterday(dec 25th) when i was filling for my bike.
    Petrol pump is the one at St Johns hospital near madiwala.
    Beware of such fraud guys.

  6. OR go to a Shell Fuel Station pay 50 paisa more and be at Peace of Mind. Well after getting robbed for 3-6 months I realized my 16 liter petrol tank can fill 18 liters…!![Yeah at those fuel stations] I started fueling up at Shell, And miraculously my fuel tank shrunk to 16 liters again… :)

  7. admin

    @Arjun, This was to create awareness with those who are not aware of this fraud happening, you will be surprised how many times this happens on every pump in the city.

  8. Maniram

    I have faced the same issue even in Hyderabad.It is rampant these days.
    i once have refused to pay and complained to the petrol pump owner. But to my utter dismay he has grouped up with the his attendant and argued that he has put correct amount of petrol and even asked me to show proof that the attendant din’t put enough petrol. i stopped going to that petrol pump and now have become very vigilant when i drive into the petrol pump. no matter what the attendant says, i will always see the meter :)

  9. Pragyan

    Thanks for the article. I have faced many such incidents; both while filling petrol in my Car and Bike.

    1st incident:
    Petrol Bunk-BP, Near Sagar Apolo Hospital, Bannerghatta Road
    Asked to fill petrol worth 200 in my bike. The guy asked me card or cash. In fraction of second, the meter showed 30Rs. I asked him and he said its a power breakdown. Then he reset it to 0 and filled for 170Rs.
    After a week I went to the same station and this time I was more alert. Same thing happened. But this time, I removed the nozzle immediately and shouted “where is the petrol”. The Guy tried to patch up saying “nahi Sir, hum accha petrol deta”

    2nd incident:
    Petrol Bunk-BP, Opposite to Sagar Apolo Hospital, Bannerghatta Road
    I was in my car with my friend. I asked to fill for 1000Rs. Since we were aware of these, my friend was continuously monitoring the meter. Then the money collector guy came and said sir put for 200 more for some round figure and I said ok. the guy filling my car finished 1000 and reset the meter with 200 and the collector guy asked me why don’t i use the petro card for points. the we noticed that the meter is actually not running. he had just entered 200 but not running it. After few seconds my friend shouted at him and he started it. Had we not noticed it, he would have said its done after a min.

    3rd incident:
    Petrol Bunk-BP, Near Brigade Millenium, JP Nagar 7th Phz
    I was in my car and asked to fill for 500Rs. By this time, I always come out of the car while filling. I was continuously looking at the meter when all of a sudden the money collector came from behind the pump between me and the meter and offered me a hand written receipt. I knew that its gone now caused i got distracted for a second. I also asked him who asked for the bill and he said nothing. In my car the digital meter showed one bar less that day.

    4th incident:
    Petrol Bunk-BP, Near Brigade Millenium, JP Nagar 7th Phz
    I was on my bike.This time I caught them cheating a wagonR. The guy was filling petrol worth 1000Rs. He was inside his car but i was in the 2 wheelers queue, on the opposite side of the pump and was continuously looking at the meter. when the meter was running for 700+, a guy came and pressed some button and it immediately become 1000. The guy looked at his team member standing on the other pump and smiled. My first reaction was, I tool my mobile out and called the guy. asked him how it became 1000 from 800. he was speechless then the money collector guy and 2 others all came there and the collector guy tried to patch it up. This time I said that I had taken the video on my mobile. He asked me to show it and I said “why should i show it to you. I’ll show it where i need to show”. By this time the WagonR guy was at the pressure check queue. I went to him and said that i was fighting for you and please come out of your car nect time you are filling petrol

    Now a days, I have stopped going to BP and HP and prefer Shell near Gothigeri which is near to my house.

  10. Balaji

    @Arjun i had previously noticed such an incident happening couple of times … i had always wondered wat was the motive behind stopping & filling … i totally accept tat when noticed any fool of first order would find tat out including me… but the intent of the admin i believe was to get us noticed & not simply get traffic.