Hire a Karaoke System in Bangalore

June 29, 2011    
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Karaoke translates from Japanese as “empty orchestra”. Karaoke is an extremely enjoyable form of entertainment where people take turns singing along to prerecorded background tracks, usually with the lyrics either in hand or displayed on a screen. It’s also a way to feel like an Indian Idol or Star Singer in your own living room!!Karaoke System For Rental in BangaloreA Karaoke Party is a really good way to forget your shyness and start singing with your family, friends and colleagues. Moreover, its an amazing ice breaker to get the party going, a quality filler to lighten up the not so bright moments of the party and loads and loads of pure and unadulterated fun. Anyone who has ever attended a Karaoke party can surely vouch for that. What we have also come to observe is that almost everyone loves to sing and quite a good majority amongst us do a really good job at that too!!Karaoke System For Rental in BangaloreSo if you are one of those people who regularly head to Firangi Paani on Sunday Karaoke  Nights  or any other Karaoke hangouts in  Bangalore, or a member of an event management committee of your company, it might just be a good idea to rent out a Karaoke unit and make an evening out of it.Karaoke System For Rental in BangaloreIt is very easy to set up a Karaoke unit at your next home party or office gathering. The unit is only as big as an external hard drive and setting it up even is just as easy connecting an external hard drive. The Karaoke unit comes loaded with over 3000 song titles spanning Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada  and English languages. Lyrics get displayed on a video screen (projector or tv), along with changing colour to guide the singer. The unit also incorporates advanced features to enhance and / or manipulate the singing experience. Two features of particular importance and significance are the options to vary (increase or lower) the pitch and tempo of the songs.

If you are interested and want more details about renting it out for your next office gathering or home party, do get in touch over phone (Shilpa @ +91 87 5445 1383) or email (bangalorevibes@gmail.com). Go ahead, sing your way to happiness and have a fun filled evening with your friends, family or colleagues.

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