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January 1, 2012    
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Hi Bangalore! Here is something that I must share with you.
Maintaining a car is definitely something all car owners dread about. While factors like the increasing cost of fuel cannot be controlled, we can definitely do something about cutting the cleaning costs. Every week I spend almost the entire Saturday at the garage near my home to get my car cleaned. Though I take the car at about 11am, I have to wait for at least 2-3 hours before it is my turn. Also, the garage has consistently increased the car wash prices over the last year. Considering all these drawbacks, I decided to find out if there was an economical way to ensure my car stays clean. I also wanted a solution that did not require me to compromise time with my family every Saturday. When I was looking for the most viable solutions, I came across a company called MadCustoms (I must say the name is quite a crowd puller ;-) ). The company has advertised about a new set of car wash products that did not require the use of any water. Now, this increased my curiosity even further and this is when I decided to explore more to see if their services can be of any use to me.
When I went to their website, it just displayed a message telling the design was in progress and the click on the ‘Like’ button took me to their FaceBook page. I must commend the company about the extensive information they relay about the products through their videos and photos. I started looking through the videos on their page for information and unearthed all that I needed. They have a video by some person called Frank who shares his excitement about his waterless car wash products coming to India through MadCustoms. The products seem to be from CroftGate and Maddy from MadCustoms is bringing them to India so we can play our part in reducing the consumption of water for cleaning cars. After getting all the information I needed, I called Maddy to know if they could provide the solution to my problem.
We decided to meet the following weekend. I must say Maddy is an impressive person. Right from his passion about cars to his excitement about curbing the use of water to reduce negative impact on the environment, every aspect seemed to be pretty contagious. He spoke to me about the three important products his company has for people like me who want to keep their cars clean, reduce the impact on the environment and also spend time with their family. I am by nature a very cautious person and do not fall for marketing talk without a good demonstration. Therefore, I asked Maddy to clean my car using the products so I could see the difference before I purchase it from him. He readily agreed and for the next hour he used these products to restore the sheen of my car. At the end of the hour, I must say I was totally impressed!! I have never seen my car gleam so much over the last few years. And this shine even without the use of water!
I was so impressed with the products that I bought a set not just for myself, but also my brother and in-laws so they can benefit from it too. I have been using it for the last two weeks and I have to tell you that my Saturdays are no more at the local garage. I spend quality time with the family and friends. The waterless car wash products by MadCustoms is something I would recommend to everybody who loves their car, their money and also time with their family.
If you want to know more about this company, you can visit these links that I found very helpful:

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  1. Sanjay

    I never knew this has been published from one of the customer over here, i am usually glued to this site but since last 20 days i was on vacation to UK and I saw some people using this company’s product over there, and I thought whether this things are avaiable In india, when i returned back and check this news over here I got into Mad Customs website which diverted to there fb page and I did check there customers testimonial videos and write up’s and decided to Call these people and next day there were at my door step and did a quick detailing job in matter of 30 mins on my esteem 2007 model, I wish i was not sleepy i would have captured some pics but what my eyes saw was a pure magic, All i did was spoke to this 2 gentlemen who actually run the company, down to earth people costed me less than 2k for detialing job and yes there sample pack is cute kick A** worth you pay for such kind of products.

    I rate them high, people who are concerned about saving water should try this on there bikes or cars.

    Higly Recommended.

    Thank you CroftgateUSA, India.